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Blessings!! I am Joanna and I would love to be a guide for you during the childbearing year. Are you pregnant, trying to conceive, newly postpartum? Do you know what you want in this journey? What kind of experience? Have you considered all the options?

If you haven’t thought on it much yet, no worries! That is what I am here for! I am your guide. As your doula I will EMPOWER you with education and evidence based information so that you can make informed decisions and feel safe, confident, and supported in YOUR choices. Once this happens you can confidently and fearlessly birth, YOUR WAY.

Each birth is unique and presents it’s own challenges. Each time we birth, we change. Birth is a natural process. We as birthers have an ancient knowledge of birth in our bones. A primal understanding of how to bring our babies earthside. Most of the time this can be done with no medical intervention, sometimes not. But no matter what, I am here with you. I’ve got you.



My services range from a la carte to comprehensive pregnancy, birth, and postpartum packages.

What is a doula?

“Doula” stems from the Greek word for woman servant. Or woman who serves. A modern doula provides support during birth and the childbearing year surrounding it. A doula will provide informational, emotional, and physical support.

A Doula’s Musings

What does a doula think about? A lot actually! Read my blog for the latest musings and midnight ponderings.



I am Joanna, single mom of 3 tiny humans who rule my world. I equally adore birth work and am committed to serving you with love. I will empower and honor you and your journey.

Birth matters, and I believe the way a child is brought into the world has an important impact on the rest of life. Helping with that transition is an HONOR.


You are the reason I am here. It is my honor to serve you and witness the incredible transformation that you go through.