Be informed. Be empowered.

Are you “that” parent? You know the one. The one that has to weigh all the options before making a decision. The one that wants to read the research and evidence, discuss it with trusted partners, and make your own choices. The one that isn’t always mainstream but isn’t always crunchy. Maybe you birth at home, or in a birth center, or a hospital. Maybe you prefer an OB or a Midwife. Maybe you stay at home or plan to go back to work. But no matter what you prefer, you deserve to be supported and loved. 

Becoming a parent is a journey. One that changes us. Shakes us to the core. Challenges the beliefs we thought we held. This journey is different with each pregnancy and child. The more we know, the better we do. Making informed, evidence based decisions we can be confident in is one of the most important parts of that journey. Evidence shows again and again that having a doula drastically improves outcomes for the parents and babies. C Section rates are significantly lowered, pain control is better, vaginal births occur more frequently, babies have better APGAR scores, and there are lower rates of antepartum and postpartum mood disorders.