Prenatal Support

This package is for support in the prenatal period only. I will provide informational, emotional, and physical support to you during this time. We will explore the decisions and choices you will face both prenatally and in labor/birth and postpartum. I will present you with evidence based information so you can make informed decisions. I will teach your birth support partner physical comfort measures to use during the labor and birth to provide relief and support.

2 Prenatal visits
Phone/Text/Email Support throughout pregnancy until 4 weeks postpartum
Access to Lending Library

Birth Support

This package is for birth only support. I will come to you when you are in labor and provide support throughout your labor and birth experience including the immediate postpartum period. I will provide informational support to help with decisions, physical support and comfort measures, and emotional support.

Phone/Text/Email from hiring until 4 weeks postpartum
Immediate Postpartum Support (up to 3 hours)
Assistance Establishing Breastfeeding
Access to Lending Library

Postpartum Support

Postpartum shifts are provided in hourly packages starting at 20 hours. Each shift is a minimum of 4 hours long. During these shifts I will provide support and relief to the birthing parent. This includes comforting baby so you can shower, rest, eat, etc, helping with meal prep, entertaining older siblings, and being there for emotional support and to answer questions. Discount applies for 40 and 60 hour packages.