Grandmother Placenta,
We gather in your honor
As the end of your life
Marks the beginning of another’s.
You have facilitated the creation
of a child of Earth
We release you back into the womb.
Thank you for your selflessness and medicine.
Thank you for protecting and serving.
For giving and giving and giving.
— Jamie Satori

Placenta Encapsulation

I lovingly care for your placenta which sustained your child’s life force, protecting them, before they joined you earthside. I will treat your placenta with honor and integrity as I process it and prepare it for encapsulation. You will receive placenta capsules (80-120) and a cord keepsake with the basic service. As optional add ons I offer a tincture and/or preserved broth from the steaming process, and art prints made with the placenta.

Investment: Varies

Ceremonies and Tours

I will facilitate ceremonies of the placenta. This includes rituals, planting, burying, burning, and cord. I perform placenta tours within the first 2 hours after birth. During the placenta tour you will have the opportunity to explore the life sustaining placenta as I walk you through the anatomy of it during which time I will give a placenta reading.

Investment: Varies