I didn’t believe in doulas until I met you.
— Bilchanne Blanchard

Lude B.

What I enjoyed most about Joanna is her positivity. I really needed reinforcement mentally and physically and she provided that. Joanna made my last pregnancy one to remember. She is the BEST DOULA. If I ever become pregnant again, I’ll definitely want her by my side. Thanks for helping me go out with a bang!


Lauren J.

Joanna is incredible! She has been an incredible help to me through my pregnancy and even for the last three years after my pregnancy! And she continues to support and love me and my baby! She has always been there with a quick response to any questions I may have. Helps me figure out what different options I may have and helps guide me as to which would be best for me and my little. She is very knowledgeable, very wise, very very good at what she does!!


Brittany E.

Joanna is an amazing inspiring person to work with. Through my last two pregnancies, she fully encouraged and empowered me to make choices about my own body and my deliveries. She is 100% the reason I was able to get through my births with as little intervention as possible. I birthed 2 baby girls without anything but my own body and the knowledge Joanna has shared with me. They were by far the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I recommend her to anyone wanting to feel supported in any decision they choose to make and who is open to learning new and different ways go do things.


Brittany E.

Joanna is so incredibly passionate about babies and all things birth. She helped me discover that my births could be so different than I ever expected. After having two births with many doctor interventions including the possibility of an emergency c-section I knew that something different needed to happen. That’s when I met Joanna. She showed me how to be empowered and to choose my own path for my second two pregnancies. I was able to go through those two births with an entirely different attitude and a crazy amount of support from Joanna. Both were natural births where I felt like my body was meant to be doing exactly as it was. The experiences were amazing and having Joanna’s support made a world of difference.


Samone C.

Joanna is an amazing human being. The way she cared for me was like I was a close family member. She checked on me at all times during, before, and after labor. She made sure I was comfortable at all times. She was so caring and she stood up for what I wanted. Overall she is a great person to work with! She was the best coach ever! I love how hands on she is and how she walked me through the whole process! She helped my husband through labor as well! She helped him to be comfortable and to comfort me through the labor. She became a part of my family. She even came over to my home to help me labor at home as much as possible. She is amazing and words cannot express how grateful I am to have found her, I love her!